About Us

The missions of our school are to employ instructors who teach writing and oral skills in Turkish Language, organize their schedule in a way to provide student with the most qualified lectures in the faculty, and to aid the educational studies of the Turkish Teaching Application and Research Centre (TÖMER) with the support of instructors assigned by our school.

Pursuant to the Rectorship of our university, our school also, aims:

  • to achieve the coordination while organizing the Turkish Language Courses in the faculties or vocational schools, and to conduct the legal procedures thereby;
  • to provide Turkish courses in a way to raise language awareness in accordance with the YÖK Framework Program;
  • to enable students to attend to courses while having a fun learning atmosphere through taking their needs and interests of students into consideration, and using the materials in which Turkish is accurate and communicatively used;
  • to organize meetings regularly to discuss the current problems, needs  and demands of the deans of the faculties, heads of the departments and instructors and thus, to deliver them to the Rectorship;
  • to provide the instructors with the opportunities to attend to the conferences, seminars and workshops to master at the usage of Turkish language according to their schedules, and within the charge of the Rectorship;
  • to organize workshops for the instructors in order to prepare materials or course books enabling better use of Turkish Language in class, as a solution for common curriculum problems,
  • to achieve the equivalence procedures of the Turkish Language Courses attended by the students studying at Gazi University and having become our students as a result of the internal transfer exam.